Solutions for New or Ongoing Projects

We offer services no matter where you are on your journey

New Ideas

With over 10 years of experience in concept development, we handle everything from regulatory compliance, to schematic drafting, to live demonstrations. We transform ideas into fully documented prototypes.

Expansions & Post-Processing

With a deep technical understanding in computer hardware and electrical systems, we thoroughly assess current designs and operations. We excel in system optimization, GUI & front-end redesign, repurposing hardware as well as reverse engineering.

From C++ to Ultra-wideband

We've got the experience to help you out

Hardware Prototyping

Multi-layer PCB design, review, and population
Onboard and in-device testing
Hot-air rework and repair
Full assembly and housing solutions

Algorithm Acceleration

Whether your looking to save power or increase performance, we offer insight on how to break down your program using multithreading, GPUs, or FPGAs to best achieve your goals.

Software Defined Radio

Complete RF to bits radio design
Custom FPGA development for NI's USRPs
Multi-device carrier and phase synchronization solutions
Real-time data collection & processing

Radar & RF Sensing

From automotive, to industrial, to vital sign monitoring, we possess a wide range of experience in radar design and signal processing. Let us help you with your through-wall, ground-penetrating, circular SAR, or MIMO designs and data today!

Bring your product to the limelight

Product Manuals, Training, and Tradeshows

Content Creation

Supply your audience with the materials they need. We help your company develop tutorials, publications, brochures, websites, manuals, imagery, posters and more to ensure your product is well received.

Client Interaction

We engage with your potential clients in targeted online (webinar, livestream, or pre-recorded demonstrations) and in-person events. We bring the subject matter experts to train or represent your company.

Let's Chat

Our services are tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients. We take into consideration market regulations, certifications, licensure and more based on the project goal. Send us a message to begin privately discussing your needs.

Peace of Mind

Greene Innovations makes every effort to ensure all client communications, data, and intellectual property are secured. We will never sell, disclose, or otherwise distribute your information, without explicit prior consent, to third parties. All communications are considered confidential and will not be disclosed except to legal and regulatory authorities.